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Raj Mistry
Jagdeep Shah
George Howlett


As lifelong lovers of Indian classical and folk music, our mission is to grow a community that appreciates and understands these great art forms, as well as the diverse human situations behind them.

What will I find on Ragatip?

We have blogs and bitesize articles covering everything from devotional dance and tabla mythology to modern Sufi fusions and South Indian protest music. We seek to shine light onto the lives, routines, and beliefs behind the sounds, encouraging fresh perspectives on issues ranging from past inequality and present-day discrimination to how the spirituality of the creative process may change into the future.

There are countless hidden histories to explore – such as how Bengal had its own thriving jazz scene in the 1920s, or what led to the rise of Indo-Swahili pop music in today’s Kenya (or why a teenage Zakir Hussain ended up living on the Grateful Dead’s psychedelic ranch for a summer). We profile some of South Asia’s most intriguing musical innovators, spanning stubborn global superstars to forest-dwelling tabla masters of ages past, along with interviews, instrument primers, and more.

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